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The Ten-Day Fruit Juice Detox
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BICOM Resonance Therapy (BRT) is a method of treatment using the electromagnetic vibrations of the client - it is a biophysical treatment with no technically generated energy. The client's endogenous field of energy is modified, which raises the immune system and ultimately improves health. The system is based upon the Mora principle developed by the German doctor Dr. Franz Morell and has been known since 1977.


Disease and Illness

When there is damage to the environment of the organism (because of bad nutrition, stress, toxins or negative emotions), the body becomes imbalanced. It no longer has the potential to withstand harmful substances (virus, bacteria and their toxins, heavy metals and other environmental poisons) that are normally present. Harmful substances send out bad vibrations. They do not only act as dangerous substances in the body, but also energetically.

Many diseases start with such bad, disharmonic vibrations. This leads to faulty control of the chemical processes in the body (which are controlled by means of electromagnetic vibrations). Once the controlling processes are influenced by disturbing vibrations, we get misdirection and malfunction and as an end result - disease.

It was Dr. Morell's idea to erase these disturbed vibrations (or, at least, to weaken them) to give the diseased organism a chance to regenerate. The immune system would have a much easier job, and the cure would be hastened.


The Treatment


The BICOM receives the body's electromagnetic vibrations via electrodes. An internal filter system separates the healthy (harmonious) vibrations from the unhealthy (disharmonious) ones. The healthy (harmonious) vibrations are given back (strengthened or weakened if necessary). The unhealthy (disharmonious) ones are electronically inverted and sent back. The opposite vibrations that are created in this way, weaken the unhealthy vibrations in the body and erase them. With the inversion of pathological vibrations, the self-healing power of the body is activated and strengthened. The body then regains control over its regulation and detoxification mechanisms which are vital for the immune system to stay at full strength.

To give the body a push to start helping itself is an important goal of the bio resonance therapy. Or in other words: To activate the body's own regulating mechanisms. The way it works can be compared to acupuncture and homeopathy. As with these therapies, there are no known detrimental effects.


More scientific information on the bicom for those who are interested


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