Moinhos Velhos

Detox Juice Fasting Retreat
Yoga * Meditation * Complementary Therapies

Cost per person per program in Euros

7 days shared room ...950,00
7 days shared cottage 1.100,00
7days single room 1.200,00
7 days single cottage 1.500,00
10 days shared room 1.200,00
10 days shared cottage 1.350,00
10 days single room 1.450,00
10 days single cottage 1.750,00

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We also offer our Detox & Fasting Retreats in India and Canada

India 2015

April - November, December
For booking and reservation for
India go to:
Detox Fasting Retreat India

Canada 2015

For bookings and reservations for Canada go to:
Detox Fasting Retreats Canada

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