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Detox Juice Fasting Retreats

From February till November we offer 7 days and 10 days juice fasting and detox programs in Algarve Portugal

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  • Programs 2016

  Start Date End Date Length of Program Availability
1 February 20. March 01. 7 or 10 days Fully booked
2 March 19. March 29. 7 or 10 days Fully Booked
3 April 16. April 26. 7 or 10 days Fully booked
4 May 07. May 17. 7 or 10 days
Women only
Fully booked
5 May 21. May 31. 7 or 10 days Fully booked
6 June 04. June 14. 7 or 10 days Available
7 June 18. June 28. 7 or 10 days "
8 July 02. July 12. 7 or 10 days. "
9 July 23. August 02. 7 or 10 days "
10 August 06. August 16. 7 or 10 days "
11 August 20. August 30. 7 or 10 days "
12 September 03. September 10. Open Gerson Therapy Detox Group 7 days only.
See footnote ** "
13 September 24. October 04 7 or 10 days "


















** **The Nutritional Therapy Detox program is facilitated by
Didier Fernandes & Alicia Ruiz and applies Gerson Therapy principles.
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For booking go to: [email protected]


For program cost. Click here

The cost of the programme is inclusive of:
All juices and broths
Pills and powders and other supplements
Lemon water and herbal teas which you can take freely all day
Initial Health check-up
Physiospect analyses.
Foot detox treatment
Daily Yoga
Evening meditation sessions
Personal use of colonic cleansing equipment
Use of QRS - Magnet Healing bed
Use of Zapper (parasite elimination) equipment
Use of salt water swimming pool
Use of Finish style sauna and California style hot tub
Enjoyment of our beautiful gardens and surrounding country side
Day trip to the beach or Lagos each week (10 days programs only)
Internet access
detox program pool

Not included in the programme fee but available

Drop off and pickup at the Faro airport; single ride €68 per person, shared ride €45 per person (2 people), €35 per person, (3 or more). Pickup from Lagos is free.

Accommodation: Rooms are comfortable with an attached shower and toilet room. An individual patio/relaxation/reading area adjoins each room. Incoming calls are received at the main house. Although there is no mobile phone signal in the valley, a signal is generally found just a short walk up the hill. In the main house there is a central computer for internet access. The central clinic building houses the treatment rooms, the QRS Magnet Healing bed, Foot detox equipment, zapping equipment, a relaxation area and a small library.  
To enhance your detox and cleansing process our highly qualified and experienced therapists offer a variety of treatments.We will also show you how to use the magnet bed, the Zapper and the Clysmatic, a gentle colonic cleansing system you administer yourself in the privacy of your bathroom,

Exercise, Meditation and Relaxation: Each morning at 8am there is Meditation and Yoga. Every evening there is meditation. Attendance to both of these is highly recommended as these are designed to assist in your detoxification process.

During the detoxification process, blockages and tensions held in the physical, mental and emotional levels of the body are released, these practices help you to let go of them, to relax properly and to sleep more comfortably. During the day you can relax, swim, have a therapy session, explore and walk around the area and help out in the organic gardens. There are a collection of videos and DVD's of related subjects and movies to watch. On alternate days the Sauna is on in the early evening. The Hot tub is on every day. One day each week we have an outing, weather dependent, either to one of the beautiful local Algarve beaches or to Lagos
(10 days programs only) .
Transport from Faro airport is not included but pick up from Lagos is free
All rooms have attached bathrooms with shower, toilet, sink and a Clysmatic. 
The cottages have two separate bathrooms.
All the herbs, the juices and broth, powders and pills are included in the program cost.detox fasting headstand on barragem

Arrival at Faro airport:

If you would like us to pick you up at Faro Airport, please advise us of your flight number and the time of your arrival and we will be there to meet you.

To and from Faro airport - One person............... €68,00 each way
To and from Faro airport - Two people............... €45,00 p.p. each way
To and from Faro airport- Three or more people €35,00 p.p. each way

Other transfer options:
Train from Faro to Lagos From €7.50 p.p. one way
Taxi from airport to Moinhos Velhos From €100.00-€125.00 one way.
Helicopter From € 1700,00 (If you are impatient)
Taxi from airport to Faro train station From € 8,00
Taxi from Lagos to Moinhos Velhos From €15,00

The bus service between Faro - Lagos is not good.
Shuttle buses have to be pre booked and can be a real pain.
Pickup in Lagos is free.

Please be advised that you should arrive Saturday PM.
There are no formal programs on Saturday.
We serve a vegetarian soup Saturday evening.
If you arrive early there is a restaurant about 7 minutes walk away.
The program proper starts Sunday morning with wake-up at 7AM, followed by lemon tea and yoga at 8AM.
Morning juice and introductory talk at 10 AM.

To make a reservation fill in the booking form below.

For more information
Contact us at:.... [email protected] ........Ph: (351) 282 687 147

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