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Diabetics and Fasting

Is fasting possible for someone with diabetes?


Many people with diabetics have contacted us stating that they would love to do a fast, but they can not because they have diabetics. You often hear this, people with diabetics can not fast.

However our experience here at Moinhos Velhos is completely different.


We have had many clients with diabetics participating in our programs, and the results have been most beneficial.


Here is a recent E-mail that we received from Nigel, who did the fast in the early summer of 2006. Nigel had diabetics 2 and upon arrival his blood sugar level was 17.5.



Hi Frank

Thank you for your email. Sorry for the delay in replying, usual excuses of work, etc.

I went to see my diabetic doctor a week after leaving you. My blood sugar level was normal, as was my blood pressure and cholesterol.

Had he not known my history of diabetes 2, he would not have suspected I had ever had the condition. The result of the 2 week fast was awesome, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone.

I am writing an article about it, and will send you all copies.

I have just returned from Gran Canaria where I finished 8th in the poker, which is a fabulous result for me as the standard was incredibly high. You will find the blog fun, the translation is really funny from the Spanish!



If you have Diabetes and you wish to participate in our fasting program, you must be able to monitor your blood sugar level yourself. We are not a medical establishment. If you have diabetes 1, you must have your doctors permission to fast.








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