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Moinhos Velhos
Fasting Detoxification Retreats
Purification of Body Mind Spirit
Yoga Meditation Complentary Therapies

Fasting  Facilities


The temple.


The yoga and meditation temple is completely glass enclosed.


The patio.


The swimming pool is salt water. We use no chemicals and it is a pleasure to swim in this water.

hot tub

Hot Tub

In the main house we have the juicing kitchen. Here is also the dining room where we take our juices. Incoming telephone calls and faxes are received here.


The clinic.


Inside one of the cottages.


One of the cottages.


Inside another cottage.


Moinhos Velhos





Moinhos Velhos
Cotifo Box 951F
Lagos 8600-077 Portugal
Tel: 351 282 687 147 Fax: 351 282 687 697
E-mail: fasting@ip.pt