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Fasting Programs at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram Camp
Val Morin, Canada


Next Program June 09-23/2013

We had our first fasting Program at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram Camp, in Quebec, in June 2005.


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With 20 participants from all over Canada and the USA we had an interesting group, all of whom expressed their appreciation of the combination of Moinhos Velhos Fasting and Sivananda Yoga.

We followed pretty well the same format as for the Fasting programs at Moinhos Velhos, the same juices and broth, herbs and powders. We did not have quite enough Clysmatics for everyone, but this will be rectified next year.

The participants of the Fasting Program was able to take part in all the ashram programs, but doing asanas on stomach full of juice can be a little uncomfortable. So we experiment with different combination, and in the end we had a schedule for juicing and herbs which worked very well.


Here is what Victoria Elliott has to say:

As a fulltime restaurant critic for The Miami Herald, I make a living eating and drinking. I am also the mom of two little girls (3 and 5). So, I spend a lot of my life shopping and fixing meals for them and my husband. In short, much of my life is consumed by food.

And one day, last year, I just got full. And tired. Through some strange miracle I found out about Paramashwara's juice fast at the ashram. The timing was perfect even though I could not imagine getting away from work and family for so long, I made it happen.

All I can say is that it is a powerful experience. The fast itself was not as difficult as I anticipated, but the effects were amazing. I felt lighter, cleaner, clearer, stronger and more balanced. And, I rank it up there with giving birth to my girls at home and running the New York marathon as one of the most empowering things I have ever done.

I plan to do the fast again, maybe even once a year.

Thank you to my fellow fasters and to you, Paramashwara.
God bless and namaste,

Victoria Elliott


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Vanessa Mandel sent this E-mail:

Ok Frank, I will try to put into words what my experience in Val Morin was like.

I really enjoyed all aspects of the week. It was my first yoga retreat and immersing myself in the ashram lifestyle was liberating.
I thought that fasting would be difficult and challenging, but it wasn't at all.
I don't think I felt hunger pangs once. And taking the time to rest my digestive system gave me a chance to feed my soul. I remembered that food was the fuel for my body, and should be taken with reverence.
I met some terrific and interesting people that in my daily life I would never have the chance to encounter. It was inspiring to discover that even though we came from different backgrounds we faced the same challenges and had similar life experiences. It confirmed my belief that we are all connected.
The Sivananda Fasting Program led my Parameshwara was a life experience I am thrilled to have had. I would recommend it for everyone inclined to try.


For the therapy sessions there was a somewhat different setup from the treatment schedule at Moinhos Velhos.
Everyone had one session of approximately 1 1/2 hours with Parameshwara for a Quantum SCIO analyze and therapy. This includes a 5-7 page print out showing mineral, vitamins and enzyme imbalances, organ and system risk factors, treatments done, and more, with a final Bill Nelson recommendation.

Everyone were most enthusiastic about the Tay Yoga massage with Krishna and the Polarity and Craniosacral Therapy with Satya. Many wanted to book extra sessions with them, but unfortunately neither Krishna nor Satya were free to do this. They are both such wonderful people with such good positive energies energies. We have asked them both to be exclusively available for the full two weeks for the fasting programs at Camp 2007. Yes due to the popularity of the program this year, it was decided to offer two programs in 2006.


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Ian and Vijay

image 3

Aimee and Vijay Do they not look sparkling?
This is only after the first week of fasting


We had days and evening of group sharing where we learned about kinesiology and muscle testing, and everyone learned how to test for vitamins and herbs. Maria facilitated a program in foot reflexology where we worked with a partner. We all loved it.


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Suzanne. Not only was she in charge of making all the juices and soups, but she also completed the 14 days fast. Her enthusiasm and loving energies was most appreciated. Suzanne will also be the coordinator for the fasting program at Neyyar Dam in India in December.


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No-the water is not cold. Maybe he is just a little chicken...


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