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Twenty years of German research has produced a new and simple approach to achieving and maintaining good health - QRS. The medical breakthrough is a pulsating, saw tooth electro-magnetic field that has been scientifically investigated, clinically trialled and is now patented. The QRS sytem is equally relevant to medical professionals and home users. It can also be used on animals to treat health problems. QRS can be used by all age groups to maintain good health and to treat injuries and illnesses. There are no side effects, but it is not recommended for use on by pregnant women, People with severe mycosis or epilepsy should consult a doctor.

Simple to use

Many people experience almost immediate results (within one week!) After selecting the relevant control setting on the control panel, the user lies (or sits) on the mat for 8 minutes twice a day. The mat treats the entire body. A Coil Pillow has been included which is ideal for treating only part of the body such as a leg or arm injury.

The Theory of how it works is simple and natural

The healing effects of electro-magnetic fields have been known for many decades but this medical breakthrough has identified the ideal field type, strenghth and duration for broad spectrum positive positive medical results with the need for day to day medical supervision and without any harmfull side effects

The control Unit generates and controls a pulsating electro-magnetic field that penetrates the body through a Loop Applicator. The Control Unit's computer adjusts and controls the intensity of the electro-magnetic field. The duration is always eight jminutes after which wich the computer automatically turns off the field.

The mat has a loop applicator that is designed such that the field strength at the head end (where the cord is fixed) is the weakest and it becomes gradually stronger towards the feet end.

A broad spectrum positive health effect

The body comprises of billions of cells. Each healthy cell has an internal charge of about 90 millivolts whereas the charge in unhealthy cells reduces to as low as 40 millivolts. The problem is that an unhealthy person has difficulty in restoring the energy to weak cells. QRS recharges every cell in the body to 90 millivolts with the result that:

  • The blood supply moves more freely and with more oxygen to all parts of the body
  • The entire metabolism is stimulated
  • Body cells are regenerated
  • The immune system is stregthened
  • Vitamins and minerals are better absorbed
  • Organs such as the liver, kidneys and spleen are able to rid themselves of impurities
  • The respiratory system becomes more efficient
  • Bone structure (calcium) becomes more dence

Some of the disorders successfully treated include:

  • Sleep disorders - sleep soundly through the whole night
  • Asthma - experience better respiratory efficiency
  • Rheumatism and arthritis - reduce pain and aid mobility
  • Sports and other physical injuries - repair bones, muscles and cartilage and reduce pain quickly
  • Pain related diseases and injuries - gain significant relief from pain without medication
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome and lack of energy - feel more energetic and have a feeling of well being
  • Migraine and other headaches - alleviate the pain and frequency of occurrence
  • Frequent minor illmesses associated with being run down - develop better flow of blood to the extremeties and affected organs
  • The effects of smoke and cardio-vascular problems - develop better flow of bood to the extremities and affected organs
  • Abuse of alcohol - detoxify the body and gain releif from "hangovers"
  • Osteoporosis - increase bone density by calcium cascade
  • High and low blood pressure - normalise blood pressure
  • High cholesterol - reduce the level
  • Clogged arteries - reduce clogging due to better blood flow, better carriage of vitamins and minerals and more efficient dumping of impurities
  • Diabetes - reduce symptoms
  • Enlarged prostate - redduce to normal size

Case Studies and Testimonials

The following case studies and testimonials have been compiled from identified sources. Copies of the documents from which this compilation ahs been drawn are on file. As more case studies become available, they will be added to this document.

Practitioner relates to generalised comments, findings and experience of professional practitioners.


Margory Lankow, Australia aged 84

" I believe it is out of this world, I feel so much younger and energised. My legs are so mych better and my general circulation is mych better. I have many tonics and prescription drugs in the pas and I can honestly say, nothing has given me the benefits like the QRS Quantronic bed. Even my neighbours come in to share the benefits. I like that because we can have a natter at the same time. Twice a day for 8 minutes its so easy.

Practitioner comment (Lindy N) Mrs Lankow has had many years of cardiovascular problems and had a heart attack when she was 52 with further complications of mild emphysema through a history of cigarett smoking.

Practioner Comment (Dr David G Spall) Queensland Prostcare & Cancer Clinic (Thermotherapy, Hyperthermia, Microwave Therapy, Bloimunotherpy) To Whom It May Concern. Re: Quantronics Resonance Therapy System.

The Queensland Prostcare and Cancer Clinic was established in January 1996 to provide treatment options for cancer patients, hitherto unavailable in Australia. The concept of a pulsing micro-magnetic field, using the QRS was embraced as an adjunctive therapy jto the bio-physics, boichemical, and bio-immunotherapy techniques already in use at this Clinic

After four months extensive use, we are now in a position to confirm its obvious clinical benefits to a broad selection of patients, including several with stage 3 and stage 4 disease. Quantron Resonance Therapy, by its very nature is long term in its projected benefits as fas as realistic expectations are concerned. However, even in the short term, perceptible observations made here include; Patients require ever decreasing amounts of analgesics. Pain reduction, particularly eveident with bony secondaries. Saturated oxygen levels visibly improve in many patients.








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