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Radionics is not new. It has been around for a long time, but because of its controversial nature, Radionics has experienced its ups and downs. In America it was for some time made illegal to practice Radionics. If you do not understand something, or if it is contrary to your belief system, prohibit it and you will feel safe. Radionics is difficult to understand.

We ask for a hair sample or a spot of blood, and from this sample, which we call a witness, we do our testing. The witness is unique to each person (in the same way as our thumb prints), and sends out the same frequencies as the person to whom it belongs.  In other words, the sample shows the energy balance of the person at the time the sample is tested, even though the person himself may be far away. We accept without problem that we are able to listen to radios and watch TV - is that not just as difficult to understand?

Through Radionics testing we are able to detect the various miasma (inherited cellular memories from our ancestors) which are the fertile breeding ground for diseases. Hahnemann, in his last ten years, worked primarily with Miasma, stating that the eradication of Miasma was most important to facilitate optimum health.

We can also detect allergies, heavy metal deposits, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and other imbalances. We then double check this with Kinesiology.

Radionic works purely with the energy field, and so we can detect not only current imbalances, but also future and potential problem fields. Therefore, long before a problem will manifest  as a physical symptom, it will show up on a Radionic test as an energy imbalance.

Although our Radionic test may have the appearance of a medical diagnosis, we want to emphasize that this is not a medical test. It is purely a Radionic test, measuring energy levels. For a medical opinion or diagnosis of your health, you must consult with a qualified medical doctor.

The radionic testing that we used to do, has now been replaced by the far more efficient Quantum QXCI/SCIO.

Our radionic apparatus served us well for many years, but it would take us about half an hour to do a single page (30 items) of radionic testing. With the advent of the highly sophisticated QXCI/SCIO computer programming, we are now able to test around 8500 items in 3 minutes.

So thank you to our faithful radionic apparatus, and welcome to the most advanced bio resonance testing and therapy computer program available today, the Quantum QXCI/SCIO. and now the Russian Physiospect which is the very latest in Biofeedback diagnostic and therapy.







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