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Raw Food program


Moinhos Velhos

Purification of Body Mind Spirit
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Whole-istic Well Being
Welcoming Your Raw, Vibrant, Radiant Self!


Reasons for taking a Raw Food
Course at Moinhos Velhos?

- Many of our clients have experienced a total transformation in their lives after participating in a Moinhos Velhos Detox Program and have realised that the foods they wish to eat after this experience are unfamiliar so they need help in this transition
- We recognise that many people who are considering a change of lifestyle may also be considering a change of diet and not know how best to manage this
- When an individual increases their spiritual connection, this can also influence their lifestyle and diet choices. and this can lead to doubts on how to best prepare foods not previously enjoyed

In this one week  programme we propose introducing raw and living foods along with spiritual aspects of fasting and detox. To aid with the transition, the programme includes some life planning modules. We believe that it is the dietary content along with the life planning aspect which makes it an exciting and relevant addition to the programmes we offer.

This programme is designed for those interested in improving their well being, increasing their awareness and consciousness. It incorporates physical, mental and spiritual practices, as well as educating in and practicing the preparation of raw & living foods. De-cluttering & detoxing the mind… so creating space… Adding practices for vibrant & radiant health…

To enhance this programme we plan to include:
One work project in the veg gardens  to connect with growing organic foods
One work project  to give a taste of the permaculture aspect of living and growing foods
The last session in the kitchen to prepare a gourmet living & raw foods celebration meal

Goals and expected outcomes and how they will be achieved

Individual and group work to identify and create:-
o A personal year ahead plan for success
o Personal dream boards and action plans to take this year plan into reality
o Recognising who you are now which may not change AND being ok with what is….
o Personal eating patterns…… what is important to you… and your lifestyle… to find whole-istic well being…
o Plans for achieving an increased raw & living foods diet…
o Food preparation – breakfast, lunch & dinner

Information delivered by programme staff to share the knowledge of :-
o The basics of a raw & living foods kitchen & lifestyle
o What are raw & living foods, the nutritional benefits
o How to transition to an increased raw foods diet
o Raw & Living food - menu planning
o Foraging and wild foods
o The value of water in our life
o The permaculture vision of life
o Other sources of support and guidance

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Daily Practices introduced and encouraged throughout the programme:-
o Physical Exercise
o Connection with spirit
o Yoga
o Energy alignment
o Meditation
o Singing
o Dancing
o Being in nature
o Sharing and attunement


Moinhos Velhos

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