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Staff and Practitioners

Moinhos Velhos was co founded by Frank Jensen and Anne Karine Moss

frank has fasted for many years

Frank is a therapist and a practitioner of the Russian Physiospect/Introspect biofeedback system, but apart from maintaining the websites, he has retired from the daily operation of the fasting programs.



Anne Karine is also a "Three In One" facilitator. She studied with a German Heilpraktiker school and her specialty is Bio-resonance therapy with the Bicom, and nutrition. She is a qualified Sivananda Yoga teacher.

She is also a Physiospect/Introspect therapist but is now partly retired. You will usually find her either in the greenhouse or in the garden.

anne karine


" We have been involved with yoga and holistic health for much of our lives.  We have spent the past 19 years (2011) building Moinhos Velhos up to its present state, and like everything in life, it keeps evolving. We have had great fun creating the concept, the buildings, the gardens - and sharing it all with so many beautiful guests over the years.


Beatrix Denneborg

(Trixie) is originally from Austria and has been living in Portugal for the past 20 years. She has worked at Moinhos Velhos for 11 years as "Swedish Deep Tissue massage therapist" for the first 6 , and since 2005 she has been one of the full time therapists.

She practices the body therapies of Relaxation and Remedial Massage, Sacrio-Cranial, Massage, Spinal Touch, Herbal Stamp, Allergy Testing andMeridian Face. As well as being a practitioner, Trixie is also a trainer in Massage, running courses here in the Algarve during the off-season.

She is also a teacher of Bio-Dance (she runs Bio-Dance sessions at Moinhos Velhos during the fasting programs) and the Mayan Calendar. Trixie is married and has three children.

Chris and Karen Lloyd Pack


I am originally from England and have been living here in Portugal with my wife Karen, for many years. Karen like me is a qualified Sivananda Yoga Teacher.

We both studied in Kerala, India where we also facilitate Frank and Anne Karines fasting programs, during the off season (December). We have two daughters.


Chris says:

I became holistic in 1971 after being referred to a Naturopath and later being introduced to a faith healer. I am very fortunate to have had some wonderful teachers, one being the late Jack Temple, a renowned dowser and healer, and pioneer organic farmer.

He introduced me to dowsing and the benefits of organic gardening, and it naturally followed that I would find myself working in Organic and Whole foods, supplying to those on special health diets, and juicing for Gerson patients.

I have an interest in complimentary therapies especially homeopathy and dowsing and practice synergistic and permaculture gardening at home.

Moinhos Velhos is a beautiful place with strong energy and suits my spirituality and compliments my spiritual path.



Claudia Jesus is one of our 3 Portuguese employees. Where would we be without them!

Claudia says:

I am 35 years old, married with a teenage son.  I joined Moinhos Velhos in 2007. I am part of the juicing team. I also look after the accounts and generally help with any jobs that need to be done.

I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in my time here of both, the programme Anne Karine and Frank  offer at Moinhos and alternative therapies.

I have participated in the fast a number of times. This I find helps me to understand our Clients. More importantly I have experienced the benefits of the fast from a personal point of view, as I have suffered with Arthritis for many years. The fasting program together with Physiospect treatments have improved my quality of life immensely.

I enjoy working in this unique environment and hope to continue to do so for many years.  I speak English and Portuguese.

Elizabete Frade

I am known here at Moinhos Velhos as Betta. I am 35.  I came to work here in 2008.

I generally look after the guests rooms and laundry.  I am also part of the juicing team and staff cook.  I am married and live in Portimao. I very much like working here.  Moinhos Velhos has been a wonderful experience for me and I enjoy meeting our guests who arrive from many parts of the world.

I have learnt a lot about fasting during my time here and have participated in a 2 week fast, so I can empathise with our guests.






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