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Moinhos Velhos


07.00 Wake-up
07.30 Lemon tea
08.00 Yoga
10.00 Juice with powders
11.00 Clysmatic
11.30 Herbal Supplements
13.00 Juice with powders
14.30 Herbal Supplements
16.00 Juice with powders
17.00 Clysmatic
17.30 Herbal Supplements
19.00 Vegetable broth
20.00 Meditation
20.30 Free time, other activities
22.00 Good Night

In between the juices-broth there is time for you to experience the various
therapies that are available. Or take a walk along the dam in the peaceful nature.
Depending on the weather the Sauna is on every day or every second day.
The Hot Tub is on 24/7

Moinhos Velhos
Cotifo Box 951F
Lagos 8600-077 Portugal

Tel: 351 282 687 147

E-mail: fasting@ip.pt
Skype: moinhos.velhos

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From Russia comes this cutting edge diagnostic and therapy unit of the future. The Physiospect is an NLS biofeedback system, connected to a computer it can diagnose and treat almost every known pathological condition, disease and illnesses, even before there are any physical symptoms.