Questions often asked  about our fasting detox program

How is your fasting program different from other detox programs?

According to the purists, ours is not a real fast, as we take fruit & vegetable juices as well as vegetable broth along with herbs, vitamins, minerals etc. To the purists, fasting means only water. However the Swedish Dr. Ragnar Berg, long our world's foremost authority on nutrition and biochemistry stated. " During fasting, the body burns up and excretes huge amounts of accumulated wastes. We can help this process by drinking alkaline juices instead of water. Juice fasting is therefore the very best form of fasting." Furthermore with the herbs we cleanse the entire gastrointestinal tract, the Clysmatic (a gravity type colonic) cleanses and stimulates the lower intestine, various treatments 5 days a week assures the elimination of toxins and the balancing of your entire system, the sauna cleanses through the skin, and the Yoga and Meditation facilitates the purification of the mind and the spirit. All of this in a most serene and pure setting.

Will I not be terribly hungry, not eating for so many days?

No, with all the and juices and broth taken, you will not feel hungry.

Without solid food, will I not become extremely weak?

No, you receive direct nutrition with the juices, and in addition to the powders and herbal pills taken to eliminate toxins, you will receive supplements to keep your energy level up. As a matter of fact, after a few days you will probably feel more energetic than you have in ages.

Is this an easy program?

For some people, it is not only easy, it is a joy! People who have fasted before, say it is the easiest fast they ever did.

Will I lose a lot of weight?

It depends. If you are too heavy you will definitely lose weight, but if you already are at your optimum weight you will probably not lose too much. It varies from individual to individual. People who are too skinny and afraid of not having regular meals, have experienced that although they lost weight during the detoxifying program, after the purification they gain weight in all the right places, eating less, because of their new ability to assimilate nutrients.

Will it help me to stop smoking?

Absolutely! With the elimination of nicotine toxins from your system, your craving for cigarettes will also end. We know of no program more effective in breaking the habit.

Will I have a healing crisis?

Very unlikely, although each person is different. It appears that the effective elimination of toxins as the body begins to detoxify is instrumental in avoiding a healing crisis.

Will fasting cure my... (migraine, allergy, cancer, etc)...?

Fasting in itself does not cure anything, but it is a means of permitting the resources of the body itself to take over, to effect healing unmatched by any other method.

Tova was a woman who joined our fasting program having already fasted on water for 21 days and therefore thought she was very clean. To her amazement on the third day she passed a rubber like deposit over 50 cm long, and she continued to eliminate large amounts every day for the duration of the program. You will also be amazed at the amount of putrefied deposits you can get rid of this unique fasting program.

Some people think that you have to eat three meals a day to stay healthy. Some people also live to eat instead of eating to live. We personally know people who have gone for more than one year without eating any solid foods but taking juices and broth only. The Gerson cancer program, which have cured many terminally ill cancer patients, recommends 18 months of fasting on juices and broth.

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