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How much weight will I lose with your program?...
is a question we are often asked.

The average weight loss on our fasting detoxification program is between one and two pounds a day. Some people will lose more, some less. Unfortunately it seems that the ones who most desperately wants too lose weight, who have tried all sorts of different programs, are the ones for whom it is most difficult to get rid of the extra kilos. Your body is extremely intelligent, and if you have tried one or more of the starvation programs, your body has learned to survive on a minimum, and when deprived of food, will go into a survival mode and it is more difficult to lose weight.

If you pay attention to the diet industry, you probably hear how simple it is to lose weight. If you just follow a diet, take a pill, use a patch... the weight will simply melt away. We are contiguously presented with all sort of miracle offers. Obviously, it isn't that easy or we'd all be in great shape.

Some of these fads can also be dangerous. They may seem to work for a while, but then the weight comes back on. The fundamental fallacy of all fad diets, like the Atkins diet or the Zone diet, is the idea that somehow carbohydrate calories are different from fat and protein calories. This is scientific foolishness. Every calorie you eat contributes equally to your eventual weight, whether it comes from carbohydrate, fat, or protein.

To the extent these diets work at all, they do so because they obey the second law. By reducing calories in, they reduce fat. Unfortunately, losing weight isn't that simple, as anyone who has seriously tried already knows. Besides counting calories is about as outdated as the concept that the sun revolves around the earth. The problem is that your body will not cooperate. If you try to lose weight by exercising and eating less, your body will attempt to compensate by metabolizing more efficiently. It has a fixed weight, what obesity researchers call a "set point," a weight to which it will keep trying to return.

Here is an excellent article provided for us by weight loss expert Arcady Economo

Start and evaluate your weight loss plans properly to derive
excellent results

By Arcady Economo Ph.D., Pharm D.

Hundreds of thousands of people set out on fresh weight loss plans daily. However, a particular characteristic shared by all of these individuals is giving up the adopted weight loss plan within one month. The reason most people give up on diets is that they were setup for failure from the beginning. If you do not commence a weight loss program in the right manner, you will fall by the wayside before you start to drop weight.

Make Monday Your First Day
Initiate your weight loss program on a Monday. It has been shown that individuals are more likely to conform to a plan to lose weight when they start on a Monday. This will allow you to get out on the weekend and purchase any particular food items required for your weight loss program. You can also cook and pack up meals and refreshments well in advance on Sunday for your hectic weekdays ahead.
Garner Support for Your New Venture
Let your near and dear ones know about your new undertaking to shed weight. It is imperative to receive the love, affection and backing of the people that matter most to you. Their patronage will definitely bring you success in attaining your weight loss goals.

Write Down Your Goals
It is an effective idea to write down your weight loss goals on paper instead of putting stress on your brain every time you need to recall them. Mention a deadline to achieve beside each goal so as to make an easy and worthwhile assessment of your progress later on. Writing goals on paper may bring some much needed urgency to your weight loss endeavor.
Your goals should not be overstated. Always create S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) goals. You can take the advice of doctors, nutritionists and fitness trainers to chalk out goals most appropriate for you. Be honest in your approach. If your objective is to drop 10 pounds by the end of the month, make every sincere effort to achieve that.

Black Out Your Unwanted Foods
Drive out any food or beverage that does not conform to your weight loss program from your home. These foods must be out of view and off your mind. If the food is not accessible to you, you will be less likely to betray your new plan. These include:
" Red Meats: These are affluent with saturated fats. For instance, a 3 ounce beef gives you more than 300 calories and 80 mg of cholesterol. Similarly, Bologna sausage contains fats as high as 80 percent.
" Cakes and Pastries: A 3 ounce piece of a pound cake is rich with above 360 calories, out of which more than 50 percent is constituted from fat! Even a fatless pound cake of the similar weight offers you 240 calories! Chocolate cakes trump even these high numbers.
" Chocolate and Milk Bars: Remember that a 1.5 oz chocolate bar comprises 226 calories, of which 49 percent is made of fat.
" Fast Foods: McDonald's Big Mac in 7.6 oz contains 590 calories (52 percent from fat) and 1090 mg sodium. A 3 oz fried, battered chicken breast with skin gives you 220 calories (47 percent from fat). French fries are equal culprits as a standard serving of French fries has 237 calories (46 percent from fat). Other fast foods to avoid include hot dogs and sausage, and potato chips.
" Ice Creams: A number of the ice creams are not suggested. For instance, one scoop of Vanilla ice cream passes you 250 calories (150 calories from fat). Go for the mango ice cream in its place.
" Eggs: One amply boiled, large egg contains 79 calories and 216 mg cholesterol.
" Nuts: Even if a small number of nuts are suggested, significant quantities are not helpful for weight loss. For instance, a fistful of dried macadamia nuts contain 235 calories (88 percent from fat).
" Pies: Several pies are full of fat. For example, a Pecan pie gives you over 500 calories and 45 percent of these calories is made of fat.
" Alcohol: It adds to your weight. An everyday dosage of 12 oz beer can (146 calories) can make you bulkier by 1.2 pounds in less than 4 weeks if you don't work out enough! (1).

Check Out Your Intake Frequency
The majority of individuals can consume 3 standard meals and 1 light meal every day. The 3 meals must be approximately the similar size and must be low in fat. Your meals should most often comprise 1 to 2 cups of vegetables and fruits, 2 to 3 oz of whole grains and 1 to 2 oz of meat (or a meat substitute).
A number of individuals derive more benefit if they eat 5 to 6 minor meals throughout the day with around 2 to 3 hours of interval between them. For instance, they might begin their day with a cup of low-fat or fat-free yogurt and a banana. After 3 hours, they might eat a plain deli sandwich with whole-grain bread and fat free mayonnaise.
Breakfasts must always be part of your diet regimen. Though leaving out meals may assist you in losing weight in the first place, it goes miserably wrong in the end. It will often make you feel overly hungry later in the day, inducing you to overindulge yourself at your subsequent meal. After approximately a month of consuming a usual breakfast, lunch and a light supper, your body will get accustomed to eating on this schedule (2).

Burn Your Fats Doing Regular Physical Exercise
Regular physical workout may facilitate and maintain your weight loss. It may also augment your energy state, mood, and bring down your risk for rising heart ailment, diabetes, and certain cancers.
As stated by the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, specialists think all grownups must be physically active. Some workouts are always better than none, and people who involve themselves in any level of physical activity may enjoy some health advantages. The bulk of your physical exercise must range from modest to strong in intensity. Nevertheless, adults must concentrate more on muscle-toning exercises.
You can do physical activities every day for one prolonged time period, or you can divide it into several brief sessions of 10, 15, or even 20 minutes. Attempt physical exercises like:
" Walking (15 minutes for each mile or 4 miles for each hour);
" Cycling;
" Playing tennis;
" Doing aerobic exercises (step aerobics, kick boxing, dancing); or
" Brisk household or yard work (gardening, skimming, mopping, and vacuum-cleaning).
Taking weight off isn't straightforward. It calls for dedication, self-control and a smart eye for clearing out the hype and misleading promises (3). Select your own weight-loss journey after going through the next essential tips:
Pay Attention to Details
Understand every aspect of your weight loss program that you would like to implement. Check what ideology this weight loss program is founded on. Two of the key subjects to center upon are the amount of carbohydrates and fats in your daily diet.

Look For Facts
Take into account how many people have persisted with the prescribed selection of foods to attain their weight-loss goal. Determine if these dieters have regained the weight after a period of six months. You will merely need to inquire around and keep your ears wide open to acquire these facts.
Stay Away from Complications
Pick a weight loss program that promotes losing weight in an uncomplicated way. You should go for a program that permits you to consume foods that will keep you filled and not hungry. An excellent balance of suitable foods is actually what you require in conjunction with workout of some type.
Weigh Your Budget Carefully
Deliberate on the expenditure of the plan. Your weight loss plan may demand you to purchase particular foods, bear appointment charges or take tablets. So, carefully estimate all your expenses and decide whether this plan is worth considering within your assigned budget.

Interact with People in Similar Shape
Shed the weight with Weight Watchers gatherings. This program is extensively regarded as one of the finest weight lost programs in existence. Managing your calories and exercise demands stringent rules to follow and you need to remain optimistic about yourself. The structure of this program is developed for success, with additional meetings that allow some communication with individuals in similar shape.
Adopt a Plan with Low Carbohydrates
Settle on a low carbohydrate food program. A noteworthy illustration is the Atkins diet. It brings success for people who persist with it. If a person protein lover, they may hardly face any problem with the list of foods. The significant part is that you are still able to consume a reasonably good quantity of meat and cheese on this weight loss scheme. Just keep away from confections, breads and pasta (5). Some of the food items in the Atkins diet include:
" Protein Foods (meat, seafood, eggs)
" Vegetables (12 to 15 grams per day)
" Cheeses (3 to 4 oz per day during induction)
" Natural fats (cold water fish, olive oil, peanut oil, grapeseed oil)
" Beverages (8 glasses of water, sugarless juices and ciders, herbal teas, decaffeinated coffee)
" Sugar alternatives (sucralose, saccharine)
" Lime juice (2 to 3 tablespoons)
Keep a Close Watch on Fats
A pound of fat contains approximately 3,500 calories. To shed one pound of fat in a week, you need to consume 3,500 less calories (i.e. 500 less calories per day), or you need to burn up an additional 3,500 calories. You can burn up calories by working out or merely by being more physically active. Discuss with your general practitioner before you start any kinds of exercise regimen. Your physician can assist you in deciding what sort of exercise plan is suitable for you.

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The most excellent method to drop weight and keep it up is to consume fewer calories and be energetic. If you reduce 250 calories from your diet every day and keep fit enough to burn up 250 calories that adds up to 500 less calories in a single day. If you continue to execute this for next 7 days, you can lose one pound of fat in a week. However, do not attempt to drop over 2 pounds per week.

Try to bring your fat consumption less than 30 percent of your entire foods each day. The reading of cholesterol must stay under 300 mg. If you comply with these figures, you should be in good health. However, you have to pursue it in actuality. The most difficult part of monitoring your fat intake is interpreting labels (4).

Last Minute Tips
Make a habit of interpreting each label for valuable dietary information. You will be astonished at how speedily you become well-versed with all of these numbers.
Do your level best to remember that you are a worthy human being. If you do not lose weight on the program you select, there is an inclination to possess pessimistic thoughts about yourself.


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Arcady Economo, Ph. D, Pharm D, works as the Managing Director at the Anti-Aging Company located on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia and in Budapest, Hungary. Dr. Economo has been studying weight loss and specifically its effects on aging since the early the early 1980's. Dr. A. Economo is a well-known gerontologist who combined traditional and innovative approaches and techniques in gerontology to create a revolutionary anti-aging method called “Anti-Aging Cyclic Nutrition” for holistic and scientific methods lead him to also create a website where he gathered the most powerful life extension drugs.

So if you seriously wish to lose weight you can kick start losing weight with a juice fasting program at Moinhos Velhos. Then if you follow some of the the advice of Dr. Economo you should be able to keep the weight off.


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