Fasting for me was a truly enlightening experience, and contrary to my initial beliefs it was amazing that it was rare during the 10 days that I felt hungry. I came feeling stressed and toxic!! And left feeling so relaxed, at peace and clean. Thank you Anne Karine & Frank for all your support throughout my stay. Being here has taught me again to enjoy every day!


Our stay at Moinhos Velhos was a time to heal body & soul. Crystal light penetrated into the shadow of our being, opening the way back into balance & harmony. We thank Frank and Anne Karine for their support and I thank my higher Self who guided me here to rediscover a Paradise lost!


Just a note from wet, gray, sheep killing little olde England .... I am fighting the good fight to keep inside me all the wonderful experiences gained from my stay at Moinhos Velhos. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had in the whole of my life (and my life has not been without colour!!) Thank you all for your care, your experience and your time. In every respect I (and even most so, if that is possible, Chrissie) have benefitted.

My knee operation went off like a dream - I am also skipping about already. Most interestingly my blood pressure was very low. Even when I went in (like 105/50) normally 110/60. We put that down to all the yoga and meditation. It did dip quite a lot more when I came back from theatre and hung about at sort of death level i.e. 65/35 for a few hours, but the fact that I was sitting up munching into my hospital vegetarian meal with gusto, sort of assured the nurses I wasn't dying. Probably I was on my way to some sort of samsara. The anaesthetist was most interested in the fast and is thinking of sending his wife, who is an opera singer, off to do one!!

Chrissie, bless her little pink lips, having never done yoga in her life, has now found a yoga teacher and is setting up classes in her home every week. She, of all of us, sort of turned into a living miracle. She has not had to go back to any of her medication and has astonished her friends and family by her transformation. She is going to come to me once a month and do a day of yoga, juicing and a bit of massage!!
Well, I suppose you get many many letters of thanks and praise, so do please add this to your list. Just so everything can't be too perfect, I will add a little plea for others following me, for variation on the afternoon juices. I used to love carrot juice - now I am not sure I could ever have another carrot (or even apple) in my life.


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