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Detox Juice Fasting Retreats

For the past 30 years we have facilitated our detox juice fasting retreats with yoga -meditation - alternative therapies & colon cleansing in many different parts of the world.
23 years ago we were guided to establish our headquarters at Moinhos Velhos in Algarve, Portugal, where we have programs from February to November.

Next program February 20. 2016

We have tried many types of fasting: The water fast, the salt water fast, the grape fast, the dry bun fast, the rice fast, the living on prana and light fast, we have fasted for over 100 consecutive days and we have tried a multitude of detox products.

Our detox and juice fasting program is conclusively proven. Occasionally we make minor changes, but the basic program, fine tuned over many years, remains the same.
The program works.

We do not make changes just because it is a fad.
We have no boot camps, no ra-ra activities, no fancy exercise equipment, no treadmills, not even trampolines (If you want some exercise go for a walk in our beautiful nature) no newspapers, no TV and your cell phone probably will not work. OK, we do have Wi-Fi.

Our original concept , inspired by the works of Bernard Jensen, Swami Sivananda & Dr Gerson, motivated by the healing effect of of yoga, meditation, fasting & alternative therapies, was the creation of a detox and juice fasting program for body- mind - spirit, physical - mental & emotional detoxification and purification. We must have been correct in our concept as people come from all over the world to participate.
Many come back. Some several times.
In an average program 25-35% are returnees.

We have been copied by literarily thousands of places all over the world offering different variations of our program. If your fancy is to do a detox programs while relaxing under the palms on the beach with 50 other fasters, we recommend Thailand. We only hope that the smell of delicious Thay food from the nearby kitchen, for the non fasters, will not drive you nuts.

Moinhos Velhos is a tranquil valley 14 km from Lagos, Algarve.
Away from the traditional tourist areas, we are situated in a nature reserve surrounded by hundreds oh hectares of natural beauty. Energised by thousands of tiny crystals in the surrounding hills the healing energies of Moinhos Velhos are unique. The perfect place for a detox and healing retreat.
Here you will go to bed at night with the silence of the stars and wake up to the songs of the birds in the morning.

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bird in hand
detox fasting nigth sky at MV
oranges in our organic garden
one jug for every participant
breaking the fast
Safe at Moinhos
Night sky at Moinhos
Oranges for Juicing
Jug of juice for each
Breaking the fast

We take a maximum of 14 guest in each program, but usually there are 9-11 participants. We do not want more because we care for each and every one of you. We are here to support you and guide you through the program.

Whatever your reason for doing a detox fasting program, loose weight, detox,quit smoking, reappraise and evaluate your life, get rid of stress,relationships etc.etc., we have been there and we are here for you.

A review from a recent Guest
Nathalie Stevenson — 5 star. If you are in two minds whether to do a detox and book this place, don't hesitate. Just book it! Its brilliant. Imagine a detox in a place that is like Kew Gardens combined with the Centre for Alternative Technology, but with wifi, and all mod cons. The gardens and pool are fab, the sauna and hot tub great, staff are super helpful and non judgmental, and caring and warm.

I gave up cigarettes, alcohol and caffiene here and had some weepy days as a result, and the staff just gave love and patience in abundance..... i left feeling 20 years younger, more flexible, healthier, better posture, better everything... so go for it, youll be surprised how good you can feel when you get off the hamster wheel and pay your body and mind the attention it deserves....July 2015

10 Things I Learned from Fasting for 10 Kelley Robinson
My third fast I hit the jackpot and had by far the most transformative experience yet. This was at Moinhos Velhos, a retreat center dedicated to fasting, near Lagos in Portugal. The co-founder, with Anne Karine Moss, of MV, Frank Jensen, has conducted hundreds of fasts around the world. He is in his 80’s, is still doing headstands, and has the clearest, bluest eyes I’ve ever seen in any human. Immediately upon arrival, I knew I was in good hands Read more.. June 2014

Sandy Henshaw5 starI had the joyful experience of staying at Moinhos Velhos in August for a juice detox for 7 nights. The yoga classes were fantastic and managed the shoulder stand (with Jacky's help:)) at the end of my stay! I threw myself into as many treatments as possible. Would definitely recommend reflexology with Inis. She was amazing in being able to tap into your soul and has a beautiful soul... After my stay I felt that I was reborn and would recommend anyone to experience the holistic pleasures of Moinhos Velhos. Be prepared for rustic rooms, it's not five star accommodation but on a spiritual scale this place is off the charts❤️❤️ Miss you Moinhos Velhos!

I am almost four weeks on from my 7 day stay at the wonderful Moinhos Velhos and I have to say that I remain a significantly changed woman. Physically I am 7kg lighter and counting, but more than that I feel a mental calmness and clarity that I am not sure I have ever experienced before. I am practicing yoga often both in classes and at home, as well as meditating daily. I start each day with home made juice before walking to work. In work my relationships feel different because I am communicating so much better. I am dealing with the issues in my personal relationship with real honesty. I have reverted back to being a vegetarian, have no desire to put caffeine or excess sugar back into a body that is feeling better by the day, and have had no more than a couple of glasses on wine since the end of my stay. The desire to emotionally eat has vanished which, for someone who has struggled with their relationship with food for nearly 30 years, is miraculous. I am cooking for myself and my family with healthy intent. Quite simply, booking a retreat at Moinhos Velhos is the kindest and most nurturing thing I have ever done for myself.
 I cannot thank you all enough for your kindness, your understanding and the support you gave me during my week with you. In particular to you Yanni who helped me more than I think I can ever explain. To Sita whose compassion remains humbling (thank you for lending my your favourite book) a copy now sits at my bedside. For Trixi’s transformational massages that helped me begin to reconnect with my very much ignored body. Part of my heart is with you all in Portugal, as being with you felt like home. Gillian Butler-Jones June 2015

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Trip to the beach
Program is for everyone
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July 2015 detox group

We congratulate Jason Vale on his latest film: superjuiceme
We recommend that you watch this video, it is most informative about the benefits of juicefasting. There is nothing new here for us, we have been doing it for 30 years, the past 22 years at Moinhos Velhos in Portugal, where we also incorporate yoga, meditation, alternative therapies, colon cleansing, a variety of herbs, powders and supplements, sauna, hot-tub and salt water pool for the optimum detox program. Watch the video, which may inspire you to book a juicefasting and detox retreat.

Fall detox retreats limited places available
You tube

There probably is no other place on this planet with the same healing energies as Moinhos Velhos. 
This is a place to Purify, Energise and Regenerate. (Don't panic! There is Satellite Wi-Fi in every room except yoga).

Participating in a Moinhos Velhos Detox Fasting Program
could change your life

In the book "The Transformation Power of FASTING" by S H Buhner,
Moinhos Velhos is recommended as one of the four retreat centers worldwide 
for an optimum fasting program.

This is one of the few world class fasting spas
and the best deal.

"No Words can describe...this is truly an amazing experience"

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 03-08-2014

I spent another 10 days at Moinhos Velhos after my first trip nearly 9 years ago. Back then my experience was so profound, I wanted every year to return. This time I flew all the way from Australia for the trip as there is nothing nearby me that can rival this place Janni, Frank and Anna Korine are truly magical people that have continued to restore and keep this place in its true finest. I undertook a 10 day juice fast, combined with Liver and Colon Cleanse. The same as the first time but I was again overwhelmed at the success of it once again!
I would highly recommend it thank you to the fabulous team and helpers that once again inspired me to live a more plant based lifestyle and return again - this time I hope sooner than last time. xo Kat

Room Tip: All rooms are good, in fact I had a cottage and I could have easily had a single room on its on

You will not be hungry on this fast!!!!
There is a full jug of orange juice in the morning, plenty of other juices during the day, and all the broth you want in the evening.
The powders and herbs actually makes your stomach swell somewhat and the probability is that you will not feel hungry. This surprises many people.

Click on image for morning juice.

detox fasting retreat fresh juice

"Lighter, healthier and energized after two peaceful weeks at Moinhos Velhos"

Reviewed 28 February 2013 (Trip advisor)

Tonight is my last night of my two week juice fast at Moinhos Velhos. I feel healthy and energized. I’ve been drinking only juice and vegetable broth for two weeks and I never felt hungry. Moinhos Velhos is the perfect spot for a practical, busy Mom to get two weeks of peace and quiet, give her body a reboot, and lose a few pounds (more than a few) in the process. I feel better, look better, my skin is fabulous and I’m ready to head back to life!

Frank, Anne Karine and Janni are so knowledgeable and helpful but in a warm, quiet, confident, helpful way. There is no big production here, no attempt to sell you on a lifestyle , no faux medical setting. They approach fasting as a simple and natural process, not as a medical event.Go to Moinhos Velhos if you can, you will be very glad you did.

"Really excellent experience..."

...completely positive and wonderful, I have loved it and I am so pleased that I came.
All the staff are so welcoming and kind and really wonderful and the place is so beautiful and very special.

I really hope to be here again. Thank you so much for all.


The cost of the programme is inclusive of:

All juices and broth.
Pills and powders and other supplements
Lemon water and herbal teas which you can take freely all day
Initial Health check-up
Physiospect analyses.
Foot detox treatment
Daily Yoga
Evening meditation sessions
Personal use of colonic cleansing equipment
Use of QRS - Magnet Healing bed
Use of Zapper (parasite elimination) equipment
Use of salt water swimming pool
Use of Finish style sauna and California style hot tub
Enjoyment of our beautiful gardens and surrounding country side
Day trip to the beach or Lagos each week (10 days program only)
Internet access

Not included in the programme fee but available

Drop off and pickup at the Faro airport; single ride €68 per person, shared ride €45 per person (2 people), €35 per person, (3 or more). Pickup from Lagos is free.
As extra treatments we offer:
Swedish massage
Lymph drainage massage
Sacro Cranial Therapy
Re-Connection Healing
Bowen therapy.
(We endeavour to have the extra treatments available for all programs, but some are dependant on the availability of the therapist). The cost for the extra treatments are from €40 to €65 per session. ·
Boutique items; essential toiletries, books and jewellery.
There is no mobile phone signal in the valley, but you can usually connect up the hill.
All the extras are payable at the end of the stay.


Rooms are simple and basic with an attached shower and toilet room. An individual patio/relaxation/reading area adjoins each room. Incoming calls are received at the main house. Although there is no mobile phone signal in the valley, a signal is generally found just a short walk up the hill. In the main house there is a central computer for internet access. The central clinic building houses the treatment rooms, the QRS Magnet Healing bed, Foot detox equipment, zapping equipment, a relaxation area and a small library.

Exercise, Meditation and Relaxation

detox fasting retreat/yoga wheelEach morning at 8am there is Meditation and Yoga. Every evening there is meditation. Attendance to both of these is highly recommended as these facilitate the detox process.

During the detoxification process, blockages and tensions held in the physical, mental and emotional levels of the body are released, these practices help you to let go of them, to relax properly and to sleep more comfortably.

During the day you can relax, swim, have a therapy session, explore and walk around the area and help out in the organic gardens. There are a collection of videos and DVD's of related subjects and movies to watch. On alternate days the Sauna is on in the early evening. The Hot Tub is on every day. One day each week we have an outing, weather dependent, either to one of the beautiful local Algarve beaches or to Lagos. (10 days program only)

All rooms have attached bathrooms with shower, toilet, sink and a Clysmatic. The cottages have two separate bathrooms. All the herbs, the juices and broth, powders and pills are included in the program cost.

Arrival at Faro airport

If you would like us to pick you up at Faro Airport, please advise us of your flight number and the time of your arrival and we will be there to meet you.

To and from Faro airport - One person................ €68,00 each way
To and from Faro airport - Two people................ €45,00 p.p. each way
To and from Faro airport - Three or more people. €35,00 p.p. each way

Other Transfer Options

Train from Faro to Lagos From €7.50 p.p. one way
Taxi from airport to Moinhos Velhos From €100.00-€125.00 one way.
Helicopter From € 1700,00 (If you are impatient)
Taxi from airport to Faro train station From € 8,00
The bus service Faro - Lagos is not good.
Shuttle buses have to be prebooked and can be a real pain.
Pickup in Lagos is free.

Please be advised that you should arrive Saturday PM.
There are no formal programs on Saturday.
We serve a vegetarian soup Saturday evening.
If you arrive early there is a restaurant about 7 minutes walk away.
The program proper starts Sunday morning with wake-up at 7AM, followed by lemon tea and yoga at 8AM.
Morning juice and introductory talk at 10 AM.

We also offer our Detox & Fasting Retreats in India and Canada

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April - November, December
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India go to:
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