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Moinhos Velhos is rated one of the Ten best Detox Retreats in the world.

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January 23 2016


For the past 30 years we have facilitated our detox juice fasting retreats
with yoga -meditation - alternative therapies & colon cleansing in
many different parts of the world.
24 years ago we were guided to establish our headquarters at Moinhos Velhos in
Algarve, Portugal, where we have programs from February to November.

Moinhos Velhos is a tranquil valley 14 km from Lagos, Algarve.
Away from the traditional tourist areas, we are situated in a nature reserve surrounded by hundreds oh hectares of natural beauty. Energised by thousands of tiny crystals in the surrounding hills the healing energies of Moinhos Velhos are unique. The perfect place for a detox and healing retreat.
Here you will go to bed at night with the silence of the stars and wake up to the songs of the birds in the morning.

We have tried many types of fasting: The water fast, the salt water fast, the grape fast, the dry bun fast, the rice fast, the living on prana and light fast, we have fasted for over 100 consecutive days and we have tried a multitude of detox products.

Our detox and juice fasting program is conclusively proven.
Occasionally we make minor changes, but the basic program,
fine tuned over many years, remains the same.
The program works.

Without a doubt the best detox ever 
Having spent the last 13 years cleansing/fasting in the same resort in ThailandI was both excited and a little bit nervous about going to Moinhos Velhos and trying something 'new'. Safe to say any anxieties I had were completely and truly unfounded. More
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We do not make changes just because it is a fad.
We have no boot camps, no ra-ra activities, no fancy exercise equipment, no treadmills, not even trampolines (If you want some exercise go for a walk in our beautiful nature) no newspapers, no TV and your cell phone probably will not work
OK, we do have Wi-Fi.
We have also incorporated the Russian Physiospect, an NLS unit which can diagnose the condition of all your organs and systems,detect pathogens and diseases, virus and bacteria and make corrections. You can see this on the computer screen.
Everyone gets a Physiospect scan at the beginning of the program, and you can book additional sessions. The combination of our fasting program and the Physiospect diagnoses and therapy, makes our detox program uniquely effective. More about the Physiospect.

Our original concept , inspired by the works of Bernard Jensen, Swami Sivananda & Dr Gerson, motivated by the healing effect of of yoga, meditation, fasting & alternative therapies, was the creation of a detox and juice fasting program for body- mind - spirit, physical - mental & emotional detoxification and purification. We must have been correct in our concept as people come from all over the world to participate.
Many come back. Some several times.
In an average program 25-35% are returnees.

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bird in hand
detox fasting nigth sky at MV
oranges in our organic garden
one jug for every participant
breaking the fast
Safe at Moinhos
Night sky at Moinhos
Oranges for Juicing
Jug of juice for each
Breaking the fast

We take a maximum of 14 guest in each program, but usually there are 9-11 participants. We do not want more because we care for each and every one of you. We are here to support you and guide you through the program.

Whatever your reason for doing a detox fasting program, loose weight, detox,quit smoking, reappraise and evaluate your life, get rid of stress,relationships etc.etc., we have been there and we are here for you.

detox fasting biodansa
detox fasting happy-soup
detox fasting beach trip
detox fasting for all
detpox fasting for everyone
july 2015 detox group
Happy with the broth
Trip to the beach
Program is for everyone
Perfect tree
July 2015 detox group

There probably is no other place on this planet with the same healing energies as Moinhos Velhos. 
This is a place to Purify, Energise and Regenerate. (Don't panic! There is Satellite Wi-Fi in every room except yoga).

Participating in a Moinhos Velhos Detox Fasting Program
could change your life

In the book "The Transformation Power of FASTING" by S H Buhner,
Moinhos Velhos is recommended as one of the four retreat centers worldwide 
for an optimum fasting program.

This is one of the few world class fasting spas
and the best deal.

You will not be hungry on this fast!!!!
There is a full jug of orange juice in the morning, plenty of other juices during the day, and all the broth you want in the evening.
The powders and herbs actually makes your stomach swell somewhat and the probability is that you will not feel hungry. This surprises many people.

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detox fasting retreat fresh juice

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Rooms are comfortable with an attached shower and toilet room. An individual patio/relaxation/reading area adjoins each room. Incoming calls are received at the main house. Although there is no mobile phone signal in the valley, a signal is generally found just a short walk up the hill. In the main house there is a central computer for internet access. The central clinic building houses the treatment rooms, the QRS Magnet Healing bed, Foot detox equipment, zapping equipment, a relaxation area and a small library.

Exercise, Meditation and Relaxation

detox fasting retreat/yoga wheelEach morning at 8am there is Meditation and Yoga. Every evening there is meditation. Attendance to both of these is highly recommended as these facilitate the detox process.

During the detoxification process, blockages and tensions held in the physical, mental and emotional levels of the body are released, these practices help you to let go of them, to relax properly and to sleep more comfortably.

During the day you can relax, swim, have a therapy session, explore and walk around the area and help out in the organic gardens. There are a collection of videos and DVD's of related subjects and movies to watch. On alternate days the Sauna is on in the early evening. The Hot Tub is on every day. One day each week we have an outing, weather dependent, either to one of the beautiful local Algarve beaches or to Lagos. (10 days program only)

All rooms have attached bathrooms with shower, toilet, sink and a Clysmatic. The cottages have two separate bathrooms. All the herbs, the juices and broth, powders and pills are included in the program cost.

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