New Book! Nutrition In The Kitchen by Ed van Tegelen

Our fabulous head nutritionist Ed van Tegelen has released his first book, Nutrition In The Kitchen. As those of you who have visited MV know, Ed is not only an absolute encycopedia of nutritional knowledge but he's also a creative genius with his food preparation (those who've tried the broth in recent years will attest to this, he can work miracles with it!) His book similarly combines nutritional knowledge with delicious recipes.

Edbooktable 800x600Hosting fasting and healthy eating retreats as chef and nutritionist at Moinhos Velhos, has given me the opportunity to meet guests from all over the world, with often widely differing views on nutrition. Most of the commonly asked questions by the guests are answered throughout this book, supported by science. Questions such as "what is a healthy diet?", "what about (intermittent) fasting?", "do I need to eat more protein?", and "is coffee really unhealthy?", will all be answered in this book.

Also, a deep dive into the science behind eating beans and animal products, as well as a closer look at the environmental impact our dietary choices have. Interspersed between the nutrition chapters you will find sections with healthy vegan recipes made with whole foods. Teaching you the basics of preparing a simple, healthy, plant-based meal, as well as several recipes to impress your (plant-based) guests and make you forget that there are no animal products in your dish. The result of a ten-year foray into the world of nutrition science, this book explains why a whole foods plant-based diet is the best diet for your own health, and the health of the planet!

You can purchase Ed's book on site at Moinhos Velhos or online here.

You can find out more about Ed via his website or Facebook

A12Ed breaking

One of Ed's amazing breaking the fast creations!


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