What is meditation?

When we pray, we talk to God. In meditation, we listen to God's response in the stillness of our heart.

When we talk of God, we refer to That inside ourselves, our Higher Self, Higher Consciousness, Cosmic Mind, The Creator, whichever term you prefer to use.

Meditation cannot be taught, just as sleep cannot be taught - one falls into it. In the same way that we fall asleep, meditation eventually comes by itself when one is ready. To be ready, the mind needs to be still. To still the mind and enter silence requires daily practice. There are certain steps that one can follow to establish a foundation and thus ensure success:

regularity of time, place and practice is important

* At early dawn and dusk the atmosphere is charged with a special energy, this is the best time to practice your meditation.

* If possible have a separate room or space that should be used only for meditation.

* Sit in a comfortable, preferably cross-legged position, with spine and neck erect but not tense

* Consciously regulate the breath, then slow it down to an imperceptible rate

* Do not force the mind to be still, simply disassociate from it and watch it like a movie

* Select a focal point: generally the space between the eyebrows (third eye/ajna chakra) can be chosen by a more intellectually inclined person, and the heart (anahata chakra) by one who tends to be more extraverted with an open and demonstrative nature. Never change this point.

detox  in temple with shiva

Our yoga and meditation temple with Shiva

Repeat a mantra (like "soham" - "I am That I am") or focus on an object of choice - e.g. the breath/a flame/ a flower - something positive and uplifting

In meditation there is a constant observation of the mind. The meditative state transcends all limitations and there is the consciousness of I AM in the eternal NOW. This is possible only when all the mental waves are stilled and the mind ceases to exist. The purpose of meditation is to create new, positive channels in the mind, and to eradicate those that are destructive. It is an absolutely scientific process, but the goal is spiritual. Don't worry if the mind starts to wander, as it will, that is the nature of the mind. Just bring it gently back to the focus.

Meditation can help treat even serious health problems, as new research shows. Mind over matter is a fact, and this power can be harnessed for the good of our health, to eliminate stress, mental and physical problems.

Most of what happens in our life starts in the ocean of our mind, which changes constantly - sometimes wild, angry, playful or peaceful. Thoughts rise like waves and then disappear. When we meditate, we can see, hear, touch and taste our thoughts without drowning in them. As the mind relaxes and thoughts start to settle, the whole being feels wonderfully harmonious and peaceful. We want to experience this again and again, and when we meditate regularly we see our whole life improving in every way.


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