Moinhos Velhos

"One of the Ten best Detox Retreats in the world."

Sunday Times January 23rd 2016


For the past 30 years we have facilitated our concept of a juice detox retreat for body, mind and spirit.

28 years ago we were guided to establish Moinhos Velhos in the Algarve, Portugal, where we fine-tuned our programme to achieve cleansing and detoxification on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

We are in a tranquil valley 14 km from Lagos, situated in a nature reserve, away from the traditional tourist areas and we are energized by a multitude of tiny crystals in the surrounding hills. Here we go to bed with the silence of the stars at night and wake up to the songs of the birds in the morning. Beautiful.

7 and 10 day programs

15% off List Price for July 4th & 18th Juice Detoxes

We are thrilled to have had such a successful reopening in June, with social distancing measures in place. Our special measures include operating at a reduced capacity and having two yoga classes per day instead of the usual one so as to limit the amount of people in the yoga temple at any one time. While there are heightened cleaning and sanitation processes, unfortunately the sauna and hot tub do have to remain closed at the present time.  After such a great reopening we can't wait to receive you during the rest of the year! Please view the 2020 schedule here.

Many Thanks, The Moinhos Velhos Team

We have 7 and 10 day programmes

For a more extended detox, you can book 2  programmes back to back at a discounted rate.

We also offer a healthy plant based eating retreat with yoga and meditation.

7 and 10 day programs

Participating in a Moinhos Velhos Detox Fasting Programme could change your life

There is a jug of organic orange juice in the morning at 10.00 then 2 other juices throughout the day and all the broth you want in the evening. The powders and herbs actually make you feel full and the probability is that you will not feel hungry. This surprises many people.

Fresh Carrot Juice Fasting

Sometimes the produce for a  juice, selected  for cleansing and nutritional purposes, may be out of season. For the purist, we will then offer an alternative organic juice.

Barragem da Bravura
Whatever your reason for doing a detox fasting programme, lose weight, detox, quit smoking, reappraise and evaluate your life, get rid of stress, relationships etc.etc., we have been there and we are here for you. We are here to support you and guide you through the programme. 
7 and 10 day programs

Prices starting from as little as €950

For a 7 day programme staying in a shared twin room.

One day each week we take our juices with us and make a trip to the beach.

Our programmes are suitable for all ages and shapes.

There probably is no other place on this planet with the same healing energies as Moinhos Velhos.

This is a place to Purify, Energise and Regenerate. (Don't panic! There is Satellite Wi-Fi in every room ).


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