New Book! Understanding Human Nature: A User's Guide To Life by Richard Brook

One of our fabulous facilitators Richard has recently published his first book, Understanding Human Nature, A User's Guide To Life! The book brings together 25yrs of Richard's experience in Chinese medicine, yoga and meditation, dance and movement, Native American mysticism, tantra and community living, and of course a healthy dose of his experiences here at Moinhos Velhos where he's been since 2014!

DSC 0129It culminates in a holistic guide to life that helps you understand the nature of the soul and mechanics of how you interconnect with the world around you, the nature of life purpose and the importance of doing what you love. All these elements shine strongly through Richard's work here at Moinhos as he can't help but share his passions in such a healing rich environment.

The book has recently been rated by the Bookbag as one of the 10 best self-published books of 2021 which is fantastic recognition.

Within it, he guides you to: 

☯ Understand The Nature of Soul

☯ Understand Interconnectedness

☯ Understand Natural Forces

☯ Understand The Mind

☯ Understand Relationship Dynamics

☯ Understand Healing Practices (inc Yoga & Therapies)

So alongside the chapters on the soul and interconnectedness you will also learn to understand natural energetic forces such as yin and yang and the Five Elements that are acting on your body-mind-spirit and how to live in tune with them which are essential if you are going to live a healthy life; understand how your mind works and its connection with your body and emotions; explore relationship dynamics and learn to understand how healing practices such as yoga, meditation and Chinese medicine work and how they nourish your soul.  

He also shares about his own personal experiences growing up in Dudley in the UK through to his time here now at Moinhos Velhos, but also his personal development experiences which have led him to his current position in life - which is a rich tapestry but fingers crossed there is also so much more to come!

You can purchase Richard's book on site or via Richard's website, or of course book on a programme and come and meet him in person! 


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