Richard Brook

Richard has over 20yrs experience in wellness and specialises in 5 Elements acupuncture, Dru yoga, wellness coaching and the Environment-Body-Mind connection. 

He began at Moinhos in 2014 and is passionate about understanding and creating what you need to have a successful life – measured from the deepest level of your own perception, not through achieving in the eyes of others.

He recently released his first book, 'Understanding Human Nature: A User's Guide To Life' which is a guide to understanding the fundamental aspects of the human, detailing the mechanics of the Soul, Interconnection, Natural Forces (such as how the seasons affect us) The Mind, Relationship Dynamics and how Healing Practices such as Yoga and Therapies work. 

He previously developed his Creative Yoga brand into one of London’s most unique and exciting yoga projects and also has a successful corporate branch to his business, designing and delivering wellness programmes throughout London.

He also draws on a wealth of other experience including extensive practice of 5 Rhythms Dance and other movement practices, Tai Chi, Meditation, Native American Style Dance and Ceremony, and various other forms of energy and bodywork. He’s also excited to publish his first book on wellness in the summer of 2020.

You can find out more about Richard via his website or Facebook.


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